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We help you choose the work medical clothing and workwear that’s right for your employees and the various jobs they perform. Then, on a regular schedule, your dedicated RRC representative picks up all soiled items from your workplace and delivers hygienically clean ones. And each time your garments arrive at our local facility for processing, we inspect them, perform any needed repairs, or replace them as needed. For a surprisingly low weekly fee per wearer, your employees will always have crisp, clean, image enhancing uniforms and protective work clothing ready for wear. We carry a wide variety of scrubs, lab and doctor coats, barrier and patient gowns, toweling, environmental services supplies (like microfiber towels and mops), and bed linens.

Studies have shown that infection rates in hospitals, surgery centers and clinics have decreased in some cases more than 60% when the facility made the switch to a professional laundry company like RRC Commercial.

Combining a sanitized laundering approach and a wide array of healthcare apparel and cleaning solutions, we can help you:

  • Improve infection prevention practices for laundry and environmental cleaning
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Enhance your facility’s image and safety
  • Meet your internal initiatives to follow OSHA guidelines for proper handling of BBP materials

Our customers include hospitals, healthcare organizations, and private practices. So whether you’re a national operator with a dispersed geographical footprint or an independent private practice, you can rely on RRC for quality medical staff uniforms, laundering, patient apparel, and facility services.

Hospital Uniforms

Lab Uniforms

Medical Linens

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Technical Capability

RRC Commercial specializes in laundry services for medical facilities. We feature cutting-edge technology, innovations and are designed to process millions pounds annually. We are certifications mean that we meet and or exceed the highest standards in the industry. Based upon the high level of quality, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction, RRC Commercial has grown significantly and continues to grow each year.

Clean to Soil Separation

By specializing in healthcare laundry, we have facilities designed to meet strict governmental requirements of processing medical laundry including: A barrier wall preventing our clean linen from being contaminated by the medically soiled linen; A positive airflow from the clean linen areas toward the soiled linen areas to prevent airborne contaminants; maintain hot water temperatures high enough per regulations; automated chemical system to treat the specific medical linen.

We can provide documentation upon request to the facility of all wash formulas, including water temperatures, PH level, cycle times and various detergents. Customers may call upon us to provide all its internal Quality Assurance Forms to verify this information.

We store soiled laundry in a ventilated area; separate from other supplies, and it is stored, sorted, rinsed and laundered only in areas specifically designated for those purposes.

We consistently ensure that soiled and clean laundry shall be kept separate always.

We ensure that all soiled laundry from our customers and other service units shall be stored, transported, collected and delivered in a covered laundry bag or cart. Laundry carts are washed after each use and shall be in good repair, kept clean, and identified for use with either clean or soiled laundry.

We ensure that soiled laundry contaminated with blood and/or body fluids is collected in an effectively closed proof bag of sufficient strength to safely contain such laundry from point of origin to point of processing.

Clean laundry shall be protected from contamination during processing, storage and transportation within our facility. Carts are covered with a plastic wrap before delivery.

We have an established protocol, reviewed by our Infection Control Committee, which is followed to reduce the number of bacteria in the fabric.

Equipment surfaces that encounter laundry are consistently sanitized at the plant.

We have developed and implemented policies and procedures reviewed by our Infection Control Committee, to protect staff from contamination when handling soiled laundry.

We ensure the cleaning and sanitation of all distribution and pick-up vehicles upon arrival and unloading at plant.

Our facility designs will meet local building code for air exchanges. Additionally, we will maintain positive air pressure in the clean linen processing area of the facility to include clean linen storage and shipping. Soiled linen processing areas and holding areas will maintain negative air pressure or lower pressure than clean areas to ensure that air flow moves from clean to soiled areas.

Quality Assurance

Reject Linen Program – This program is a very good way to keep torn, stained, ripped and any other sub-standard type of linen out of circulation. This is done through setting up “Reject Linen Hampers” throughout the facility. The staff will see a Linen item that is not fit for use, they will place those items in the identified hamper labeled “Reject Linen”, instead of placing in the normal linen hampers. This will decrease the amount of linen that is not of Quality to re-enter into the normal method of circulation.

Linen Audits – We will conduct monthly linen audits in the Linen Rooms to check for Quality. These audits are done with an agency Employee and the RRC Customer Service Representative to assure that the Processing Plant is producing Quality Linens to your facility. This information is recorded and placed in the monthly Executive Dashboards. This is an external exercise to assure that the agency is getting quality Linen and internal exercises are conducted to make sure that the Quality leaving the plant is of the same Quality. It is just a double check to keep the standard high.

Treating our Customers with Honesty and Professionalism, providing them with transparency. We are looking to build Long Term Business Relationship with our Partners.

We are committed to producing a high quality of product for all our customers. This Quality Assurance Plan is a critical part of our organization’s commitment to excellence that we wish to extend to our customers. Our quality assurance procedures have been designed to provide our customers with the highest quality merchandise using sound production techniques, responsive management commitments, and the total team effort of our employees.

We feel that customer satisfaction should be achieved in three key areas:

  • Cleanlinen
  • Timely deliveries
  • Resolution of disputes in a courteous and efficient manner

Much goes into accomplishing these three items. It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that each unit of merchandise has been processed in accordance with (IAW) our standards. It is the responsibility of our Management Team to train and direct all supervisors and to monitor the level of quality being produced in the Facility. Monitoring of quality is performed through a combination of process reviews, system reporting, random sampling and customer/employee feedback.