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About Us

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RRC Commercial, is a family-owned, privately-held corporation and a leading provider of products and services to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses. From the start, our company has been building its astounding reputation on quality products and service. We continue striving to be the very best – not necessarily the biggest – but the very best provider of Linen Services. We know this can only be achieved by providing you with both high quality products and customer service of the highest standard.

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Corporate Responsibility

Our Statement of Business Ethics states that we will:

  • Provide customers with the highest quality of service
  • Lead by example, and increase transparency and dialogue within our industry
  • Identify innovative, responsible and cost-effective solutions to the issues we believe matter most to our employees, customers and communities
  • Deal fairly and honestly with our suppliers and competitors
  • Be good citizens and stewards of the environment in the communities we operate

In addition, our core values of integrity, trust, respect and responsibility are a strong foundation for everything we do. We work hard to ensure our actions are consistent with our words and values. We strive to earn the confidence of customers and co-workers by communicating honestly, accurately and sincerely. We’re committed to treating others with courtesy, dignity and fairness. And we take ownership for results, accept accountability for our actions and lead by example.

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Environmental Stewardship

We pride ourselves in clean operations and unwavering commitment to the environment. We look to conserve resources, reduce waste and increase safety.

  • Harmful waste products are removed from our wash water before it reaches the drain.
  • Higher temperatures and specialized chemicals used in our laundry process produce a more hygienic product than “on premise laundries” or a home laundry operation.
  • We use less water and less energy through high-capacity washing, drying and finishing equipment
  • Most of our rinse water is reused as wash water, without having to re-soften or re-heat it. This process reduces the amount of water we use by 20% or more, with similar savings in energy.
  • Our heaviest work is scheduled outside periods when public demand for electricity is highest, helping to prevent brownouts.

The very nature of our service helps other companies avoid contributing to landfills and pollution.