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Established in 2009, RRCis supporting approximately 20 federal, state, and local government clients. Its mission is to combine passion, past performance and professionalism to deliver solutions that enhance and improve business and enrich public service.

RRC achieves mission-critical results for the public and private sectors through its core competencies—logistics and supply chain management, complete facility operations and management, and a wide range of linen solultions. RRC’s services enhance their clients’ capabilities and allow their clients to focus on what is most important—clients’ mission, vision and goals.

RRC staff consistently prove their reliability and knowledge on a wide variety of challenging projects.


  • Is recognized for providing proven, high-quality management solutions
  • Delivers solutions on-time and at or below budget
  • Is a financially stable, mid-tier professional services government contracting firm experienced with federal, state, and local government contracting