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Food Service

Food-friendly apparel options to keep your team looking and performing at their best.


Flame-resistant work apparel designed for intermittent exposure to flame or heat.


Choose from an extensive lineup of chef, cook and server wear from the leading garment manufacturers - in styles, colors and fabrics to match your brand and performance needs.


Dedicated routes and equipment ensure safe apparel handling and no cross-contamination.


Quality workwear featuring the latest advancements in comfort and durability.


Why Do Business With Us?


"I have learned to trust RRC, knowing that they are good stewards of the resources with which we have to work and I have learned to trust them implicitly, knowing they understand that we need to achieve the best possible results."


"Above and beyond the quality of industrial laundry, we found RRC to be professional, courteous, punctual and practical. The service was completed on time, and there were no surprises"


"...what was most impressive was RRC's constant follow-up after the job was complete to make sure my staff and I were pleased with the results and that nothing had been overlooked."